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4" Sq. #939

  • Sawtooth hangar on back.  UV protective coating applied to surface to prevent fading and seal the surface of the piece.

    I wet-felt wool roving incorporating tubes of color to achieve dots and patterns when seen as cross sections. You are looking at the inside of felt.

    Care instructions: Each piece is created with 100% wool which is firmed up and protected with acrylic paint and gel medium.  I spray a matte, archival, UV varnish on the finished piece to further make my work impervious to damage.  My work does well in any climate, including very humid conditions as are prevalent here on Cape Cod.  To keep my work looking great, I advise a yearly cleaning by using a lint free cloth such as a linen tea towel and literally swat the piece all over to dislodge any dust that may fall in the crevices of the piece.  I have many of my own works in my home and I can assure you, I rarely clean them and have no issues with how they look after many years in my rather dusty house!

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